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The very first interview I did with George was due in large part to my friend Ian Hocson. Ian was conducting an interview of his own for a book he was writing, intending to use George as a template for one of his story's characters. He offered to let me help him conduct the interview and use it for this project. The audio has been cut down significantly, as the raw interview lasted nearly 3 to 4 hours.

My final interview with George during his time here at SJU as a student, George shared with me the details of his early childhood and how crutial it was in forming who he is, his aspirations, and his overall person. 

Conducted at the 2016 SJU Federal Career Fair back in March of this year, George and I discuss his goals as a social activist for his home of Sierra Leone. George insisted that the fair would be the perfect place for the interview because, in his own words, "I work best in a crowd."

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